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Amju Super Cool Pool is the grooviest 3D pool game ever
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Amju Super Cool Pool is a simple and colorful pool game specially designed for children, but it doesn't mean that it cannot be enjoyed by the whole family. There are six different modalities of the game, and you can play with your friends or relatives on the same machine or online.
Although this game manages colorful 3D graphics specially designed for kids, you will find six game modes to play, very similar to other pool games.
In 6 ball mode you have to pocket the six ball. The cue ball should first hit the lowest numbered ball on each shot. If you pocket the cue ball or hit a ball off the table, you will foul. Now, if you foul and only the 6 ball is left, you lose the game! 9 ball mode is similar to 6 ball mode, but the difference is that if you foul on the 9 ball you lose the game. On 8 ball game, at first you can pocket any ball except the number 8. Once a ball is pocketed, one player is 'spots' and the other 'stripes'. Then, you should always hit your color with the cue ball first. One important note is that there are two "8 ball" modes, one for the US and another for the UK. Finally, there's a crazy pool game where rules are similar to the other modes, but there are also extra things to watch out for.
At the first time you play this game, you will be able to practice and familiarize with controls and movements before starting.

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  • Play on full screen or window mode
  • Nice sounds and background music
  • Play online against other opponents
  • Nice 3D graphics


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